i am the oldest grandchild on my dad's side of the family.  for six years, i was not only an only child, but also an only grandchild. on october 11, 1993 when jeicille was born and i wasn't alone anymore. she was the first baby i ever held and became the sister i never had. she (finally) came to visit seattle this weekend, and my heart is so full. love you so much <3

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When Minh took Jen on their first date, he took her to a restaurant that specializes in fish. Jen doesn't like fish and they decided to just be friends.

Years later they found their way back to each other, when the timing was just right. Now, no fish (or ocean) could keep these two love birds apart. Thanks for letting me be a part of y'alls special day. Here are a few moments from their big day. Cheers! 



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little miss lana + her family

it's been so fun to be a part of this little family's journey. from the gender reveal to maternity photos, and now we're here - lana's first official photoshoot for the holidays. how time flies!

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