jenny's dirty 30

when jenny and i were young, we used to write each other letters, pen pal style. yes, long, long ago, the cheapest and best way (for a couple of kids) to communicate was by physical mail. stamps, envelopes, mailbox, the whole shebang.  

in one letter, i recall writing to jenny that i only had 10,000 stickers left, because i had somehow misplaced the other 2,000. i knew 10,000 stickers was a lot of stickers. but you know, at the ripe age of 8, i was already rolling out humble brags. for some reason, this memory always makes me laugh, like many of memories with jenny. 

happy belated birthday to my beautiful cousin. love you!

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Joly's Maternity Photos

time has just flown by! it seems like yesterday i was just covering michael + joly's gender reveal, and then 14 short hours after joly's maternity photos, lana made her grand arrival. baby girl has impeccable timing :) 

congrats to this little family! thanks for letting me be a part of y'alls journey. 




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Happy National Dog Day!

While every day is a celebration with Hugo + Po, it's still fun to join in on the fun of National Dog Day! These pups are the light in my life.  Even on my worse days, they make me feel as though I'm the best person in the world. Dogs are such a blessing to human life. 

Thanks to the kiddos for putting up with me and being good sports for my photographs. Don't worry, they were rewarded with plenty of blueberries :) 



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