writing about andy

i don't write about andy as often as i used to write about my old crushes, which is funny because no one deserves to be written about more than him. 

in some ways, andy and i have always known each other, without really knowing each other until much later in our lives. our connections were always relatively close, but we took a different journey to meet, become friends, and to finally be right for each other. i could go on and on about that journey, but this post isn't about that. this is about andy. 

andy is kind
genuinely.  one of the kindest people i know. kindness (to me) also encompasses his compassion, giving nature, and dependability. many people can be nicebut these days, there are far and few people that are as truly kind as this man. he acts with no motives nor expectations. gives and gives, sometimes at a disadvantage to himself.

andy loves cereal & pizza.
sometimes he'll eat cereal after a full dinner. and he'll never turn down pizza for any meal, any day of the week. it's like living with a ninja turtle. 

andy is a huge nerd.
he fronts a huge passion for basketball and sports. and while that's real, behind all that is a pokemon master (caught them all), 4.6 gpa, natural test-taking, magic (the gathering) card playing, full-blown nerd. his denial is adorable. 

andy had a bowl haircut in high school.
here's your proof. but he was still the only guy in his group of friends to have a girlfriend (not me). 

andy is a 1000 degrees.
this is typically very appealing to women, because 95% of them are habitually cold, but I am always warm. so you can imagine the struggles of cuddling in texas. however, aside from sweaty cuddles, andy's warmth expands beyond temperature. he's always going out of his way to make me feel loved, wanted, and safe. he makes me feel at home no matter where I am. 

andy thinks slavery = attraction. 
the first time we hung out (as friends), we were eating burgers at hopdoddy. after my drink was empty, he asked me if he could refill it for me (important note: i was sitting closer to the refill station). i said: "oh, it's okay! i can do it!" andy interpreted that as there was no shot in hell i wanted to date him. guess if a woman isn't a slave driver, she's not interested. 

andy is a hugger.
i am not. he asked for a hug after our first "kind of" date and i said no. fifteen minutes later, after he wouldn't leave. i gave in. and now he's my husband. so the moral here is if you hug a boy, he'll become your husband. tell your kids. 

andy is thoughtful. 
to name a few... while we were friends, he sent me a birthday present consisting of school supplies (i LOVE school supplies) and a handmade card. he hand makes (and draws) all the cards he gives me - and they are literally the best things ever. he'll drive me around aimlessly when i'm feeling sad. he gives me personalized cards and gifts from our dogs. he texts me all the time -- even now when we're married and see each other every day. he watches ( and re-watches) how i met your mother with me because he knows it makes me happy. 

andy is hilarious.
he makes me laugh all the time. at home, at the grocery store, in the car, at work... when i'm happy, sad, mad... he brings so much light into my life. 

andy turns on all the lights and never turns them off.
seriously. it was even in his wedding vows

andy is my bestfriend.
and the love of my life. he deserves an entire novel to be written about him.