Good Eats: Girl & the Goat

Andy and I finally got a chance to eat the infamous Girl and the Goat restaurant in Chicago. It's not only the highest rated, but also one of the most rated restaurants in the city. Getting a reservation is insanely difficult! But we managed to squeeze for a late night bite on a Wednesday evening.

We've been to the diner counter part of Girl and the Goat — The Little Goat, which is just as delicious and darling. I may actually be a bit biased to The Little Goat, but only because I have a soft spot for diner food.

The restaurant is set up as small plate/tapas style. Though the plates are not as small as you find at other places such as Barley Swine in Austin, TX or Forage in SLC, UT. The plates are more of a mid-size small, and you can can probably get away with ordering less than you could at other places.

Overall the dishes were good. The food quality was excellent, but some dishes did outshine others. I thought the plates that featured goat were there strongest menu items.

Excuse the photo quality. They were taken on my iPhone 5 in very low light.

As I mentioned above, I enjoyed The Little Goat more, but that might just be because of personal preference :)