good eats: salare

over the past 10 months, andy and I have tried so many new restaurants, i regret not photographing and blogging about all of them. last night we tried Salare (one of Eater's best restaurants in the u.s. for 2016) and it was incredible. hands down one of the best meals I've had in Seattle so far. I loved the open kitchen and getting to see all the chefs from the website actually cooking in the restaurant. I'm such a fan girl when it comes to seeing chefs in action! 

*excuse the dim lighting + iPhone quality photos

Pictured: Rosé three ways ( Rosé Cider, Sparkling Rosé, Pamplemousse) and Cherry Shrub soda, Lamb Tartare (ava bean hummus, mitmita & sourdough), Salumi & Charcuterie (chef selection), Halibut (seasonal special), Duck (cherries, quinoa, liver mousse, hakurei turnips & duck jus), and Pavlova (seasonal special).