workshop: winter food styling

food photography and food stying have always been an interest of mine, but it’s also felt a bit daunting. i love cooking and taking photos, but wasn’t sure how to really tackle the two together. this weekend’s food styling workshop allowed me the chance to really dive in and learn from pros renée beaudoin and ashley rodriquez, and alongside other foodies, bloggers, photographers, and chefs.

when i first came across the course, it was completely sold out. luckily, a spot opened up just last week and I’m grateful it did, because it was absolutely amazing! the workshop took place over two days, four hours each day. i loved the entire process, even the most challenging moments. it pushed me to try new things and step out of my comfort zone.

below are some of my favorite photos from the weekend. we took all the photos at delancey, a restaurant right behind the pantry, which serves up the most amazing pizza by night and the dreamiest lighting for photographers by day.

spring pea vine salad


charcuterie snack boards


citrus tart


chemex coffee & rhubarb filled donuts


olive butter & radish toast + nettle soup


rugbraud (rye bread)