Good Eats: Mighty Fine

Mighty Fine. I've been here several times and it never, ever disappoints. For lack of a better term, it's just that, Mighty Fine. This is a local, born in Austin, burger joint. There are three locations in the area, the one off Mopac is my favorite. Remember those Carl's Jr. commercials about their  Restaurant Six Dollar Burgers? Well, for $5.24, I can almost guarantee that you'll be happier with this 1/2lb burger then you will with what you pick-up at Carl's. There's also a 1/3lb burger for a couple dollars less. You really can't go wrong.

This has to be my favorite place (in the world, thus far!) to get a burger. Order is all pretty basic. Choose your meat (1/3lb or 1/2lb). Decided if you want cheese, pickles, lettuce, and/or tomatoes. Pick your condiments: red, yeller (that's right, yeller), and white. They'll ask if you want to add fries? Just do it. Ignore the other voice in your head.

Look at the beautiful burger. Delicious toasted bun on a 1/2 lb of succulent Texas beef with melted cheese. Piled on a bed of lettuce and a fresh cut onions. Mayo, mustard, ketchup, perfection! I usually get the 1/3 lb... but was so hungry (and ambitious) that I went ahead with a 1/2 lb. And it was glorious.

Notice how there's no tomato. While it makes the burger prettier, I never get the tomatoes on my sandwiches/burgers. But only sandwiches/burgers. Unless I forget and then its just really sad for me. I'll eat them anywhere else but placed between bread. Why? Texture. Same reason people can't raw oysters or tripe. Ha ha, okay, not that extreme. But my burger texture is important and the tomato just doesn't add to that for me. Am I crazy? What's up this rant? Maybe and I don't know. Moving on!

My mouth is watering now. This is too much to handle. I want this burger back in my life right now.

Crispy, delicious, fresh made fries. The tables have Lawry's seasoned salt to decorate these delicious fries even more! Trust me, you'll need to get the fries. Don't skip out on this!

This takes me back to the Best Burger in NY episode on How I Met Your Mother. THIS is the burger that I've been looking for to match the one in that episode. *Sigh. I want one now. If you are ever in the Austin area, folks. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a Mighty Fine burger. Don't skip out on this perfection. You won't regret it!